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We help to open a new door to the job market for career-changing teachers

It is important for us to lend a helping hand
in situations where it is most urgently needed.

The feedback from the teachers we support has confirmed that it’s always worth supporting a good cause, and this also motivates us in our work and our performance.

Thank you for what you, and your company, do for us teachers! After years of searching, I secured a position in customer service with your assistance. A foreign headhunter contacted me on LinkedIn after I modified my profile based on your advice. It hinged on just this, but it’s a huge step for me! I hope to succeed in my new role. (Linda – Special Education Teacher)
I am extremely grateful for your sincere attention, selfless assistance, encouraging words, and your advice. It was a great feeling to experience that such support exists. (Rita – Teacher)
I am very thankful for your selfless assistance. It feels good to look at my CV, which was greatly influenced by your advice during our conversations. (Emese – Kindergarten Teacher)
Thank you very much for the conversation; I received a lot of valuable information. (Beáta – Teacher)
Thank you for yesterday’s conversation! You restored my faith! I will do my best to follow all your advice. (Dóra – Teacher)
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